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Can You Mop Unsealed Hardwood Floors?

Aug 24

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Is it possible to mop unsealed hardwood floors?

Most homeowners invest in making their homes presentable and beautiful to look at. And not only that, they invest in something that can make their family well protected and live in a manner that they deserve. That is why every material used in every part of the house should be chosen according to its purpose, durability, and beauty. And one example of that is using a hardwood floor. It is elegant, that never goes out of style, and can last for long years.

Wood floor maintenance can be easy if you know if the surface is sealed or unsealed. This also means that as an owner, it is important to know if your hardwood floor is finished or unfinished so that you will know what type of cleaning materials you should use or the maintenance that you should apply.

Those sealed or finished wood floors had been treated with synthetic resins such as polyurethane or urethane. It acts as a protective barrier against humidity, moisture, scratches, and daily wear and tears on the wood which is why you don’t need to use strong chemicals for cleaning the surface.

The unsealed or unfinished hardwood floors are vulnerable to any environmental elements because it does not have a coating sealant that can protect it. Its surface should be properly clean with a microfiber cloth first and then wipe away the dirt before applying a sealant to seal it. Unsealed wood floor requires proper care and trying to avoid any contact with water to make it last longer.

Unsealed or not, always mop with a dry cloth the area where there is a liquid. But avoid mopping with water to the unsealed hardwood floor or any liquid cleaning solution because it will cause moisture in the vulnerable part of the wood.

Cleaning unsealed hardwood floors:

  • Vacuuming - It is one way of taking care of your wood floor for it will sip all the dust that is there waiting to be noticed. Doing that every week will make the floor clean and well-maintained, but you should choose the right type of vacuum that will not leave any scratches on your floor. Avoid using a beater bar vacuum and choose a canister vacuum to prevent any floor damage.
  • Mopping - Even if you will properly vacuum or sweep the floor there is still dirt that needs to be clean, and those are the stubborn oil and grime. These need to be mopped with a dry or damp mop and a natural cleaner. When using a damp mop, always make sure that it is completely wring out, and dry out with a towel to remove moisture. And after mopping, always check for any moisture and wipe it out to prevent absorbing it.
  • Sweeping - A soft bristle broom is perfect for removing dirt, hair, and other debris that shouldn’t be there. It is good for unfinished wood floors because it can’t cause any scratches or damage.