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Jul 18

Epoxy floor installation is widely known as the best flooring solution for commercial sites of all different kinds. The commercial epoxy flooring Vancouver are typically applied over concrete floors that have already endured wear and tear, but they can also be implemented in new construction for better durability and resilience in comparison with untreated concrete. 

Epoxy floor installation is the chosen solution because it provides a high-performance, durable, safe, and smooth flooring surface that can sustain all different types of wear and tear in a commercial setting. Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver is the best choice among all Vancouver flooring companies for your Epoxy needs. 
Commercial locations require flooring that can withstand a lot of foot traffic, handle heavy machinery without damage or cracking, sustain the weight of heavy loads, and more. Owners and operators of commercial sites can depend on epoxy floor coating to ensure that their workers are provided with safe and clean conditions. 

Not only that, but commercial epoxy flooring Vancouver also adds a professional aesthetic to your commercial location when you have on-site customers or tours of the facilities. 

Swift Epoxy Flooring knows just how important it is to inspect the area and assess the needs of the commercial property. There are many factors that can impede a successful epoxy floor installation, something many Vancouver flooring companies won’t tell you. 

  • Vapor: vapor can also cause issues for epoxy floor installation.
  • Temperature conditions: extremely high or low temperatures may cause bubbling or peeling.
  • Damaged concrete: if the concrete has a lot of holes, missing pieces, or gouges, it can cause issues for epoxy floor coating.

Swift Epoxy Flooring will inspect and prepare the site for the job. Swift commercial epoxy flooring Vancouver team knows what to look for, and we give it 110% not just when installing, but pre and post installation as well. 

There are many benefits to commercial epoxy flooring Vancouver, and here we highlight two of the primary ones that you will enjoy after your epoxy floor installation with Swift Epoxy Flooring. 

Easy Maintenance

You’ll find that epoxy resin flooring will be easy on the eyes, and on the mind since you will have a long-lasting and durable solution that is simple to clean and maintain. Able to withstand heavy traffic, strong cleaning solutions, a lot of weight, and resist stains, you won’t have to worry about a thing.  No stripping or waxing is required. What’s more, the strong coating is impenetrable, making stains and water marks obsolete. The surface won’t hold onto odors, won’t grow mold or mildew, and doesn’t harbor insects. It lasts for years and years. 

What’s more, there are even added coatings that are designed to withstand batter acids and other extremely harsh chemicals that may serve specific types of commercial projects. 
The appearance of your epoxy resin flooring is also something that will stand the test of time. It has a shiny and attractive appearance that offers a look of professionalism and cleanliness for both your employees and any customers that make their way into your commercial space. 

Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver can help you to design your perfect epoxy resin flooring with any look and feel, as we can add a unique appearance that creates visual effects to match your company’s branding or style. Epoxy doesn’t have to be one toned or boring— we are happy to help you get the look and feel that you want for your commercial site!  So contact our commercial epoxy flooring Vancouver team.

Other Types of Refinishes

As you can see from the maintenance side of things, epoxy resin coatings produce excellent results and offer commercial properties a world of benefits. These benefits are not achievable from other traditional Vancouver flooring companies. No matter what type of commercial endeavor you have, you are surely to benefit from epoxy resin flooring. Lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, loading areas, mechanic shops, retail spaces, restaurants, and much more will enjoy a better appearance, improvement in work environment, as well as more functionality that traditional floors simply cannot provide. 

The great thing about epoxy floor installation is that it is done in a flash; when you work with Swift Epoxy Flooring, we’ll get the job done with lightning speed so that you don’t have to worry about your commercial operations being paused while your floor is fixed. Even with complete coating and curing, the process is minimal, taking only a few days— and it won’t have to be repeated anytime soon. 
Additionally, epoxy floor installation doesn’t leave any gaps or space where mold, mildew, or insects can make their home, unlike wood or tile. The coating is non-porous and leaves no room for bacteria or smells to fester and grow stronger. It’s ideal for all types of commercial projects. 

Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver provides expert on-site inspections and will work with you every step of the way to customize your project and ensure success both in appearance and installation. We hope the above information has helped you to become more informed and choose the best flooring solution for you.


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