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Nobbys Beach

May 27

About Nobbys Beach

The view of Newcastle's highest profile beach, Nobbys Beach is a favourite swimming spot for family groups and those learning to surf. It also provides some good dolphin watching opportunities when you're not out in the water with them! There are plenty of facilities at this suburban site including public toilets as well as places where food can be bought - a coffee/cake stand if nothing else will do it.

This is a great spot for beginners and experienced surfers alike. It usually has pretty big waves that are perfect to learn on, but you can still feel safe because no one will think they're better than anyone else here!

The best thing about Nobbys Beach is that it has everything you need in terms of amenities, with plenty available to the public at all times. It's also safe year-round and draws many local surfers who come here every day before work or school start up again!


What to do in Nobbys Beach

The Bathers Way is one of the most popular walks in Australia, and it doesn't disappoint when you get to Nobbys Beach. You can watch tug boats hurry off with their coal shipments while enjoying views like this! The views at Nobbys Beach are some of the most iconic in all of Australia. If you're lucky, watch as coal ships are maneuvered into port by hardworking tug boats who know how important their work is to keep our energy needs going!

The beautiful park with the amenities to keep you entertained is right outside your door. You'll find a barbeque area for those who want some good old-fashioned grilling, a car parking Kiosk where it's always easy to access information about what else there might be going on in this great town or just an opportunity to sit down and have yourself personalised by our professional staff at their fully stocked Trading Post store!

Nobby beach

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