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4 Tips for Hardwood Floors, Pets, and More

Jan 17

4 Tips for Hardwood Floors, Pets, and More

Wood flooring is more easily maintained than carpeting, especially if you have animals. It is important to remember some things about hardwood floors and pets.

Hardwood floors offer a wonderful flooring option for pet owners. It doesn't trap and retain allergens like microorganisms or dander, unlike carpeting. Wood flooring is also easier to maintain than carpeting. But hardwood floors can be difficult to clean.

Choosing Right Wood for Pets

If your hardwood floor is in good condition, you don't need to alter it. You should consider your pet when choosing the wood type for a new floor.

A harder wood, especially for dogs, is the best choice. Dog nails can cause dents in softwoods. Because of the increased visibility of hair, scratch marks, and dog dander on darker hardwood flooring, you should consider lighter to medium-colored hardwood. You can hide scratches better if the wood is lighter or medium in color. Consider oak, Ash, or Hickory.

Also, choose a matte or satin-finish finish for your floors. Shiny floors highlight hair and scratches. These should be covered up.

Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Rugs protect the floors that are subject to the most frequent foot traffic from pets or people. They are also a beautiful addition to your house. Avoid rugs with rubber backs as these can damage your floors.

You should always keep a rug under the food and water bowls of your pets to absorb any spills. The rug should be replaced immediately if it gets wet. This will ensure the floor does not become stained by water.

Not only should you be concerned about your fido. When you have hardwood floors, Kitty needs to be taken care of as well. Place a rug under the litterbox or move it somewhere that doesn't have wood floors.

Wood Floors

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Fear of your cat or dog urinating all over your wood floors should not keep you awake at night. Keep a small bottle of enzyme cleaner that is made for hardwood floors in your house. This will stop the smell from coming back. Clean up any injuries as soon as possible and use the enzyme cleanser. San Diego flooring is recommended to clean your hardwood floors.

Keep Your Dogs’ Nails Trimmed

This will prevent damage to wood floors, but it's also beneficial for your dog. Imagine how your feet might feel if your nails were never trimmed.

No matter the type of flooring you have or how durable your pet is, they will wear down your floors more quickly than any other pet. They are worth the cost. The love they show in return is unbeatable. Get a complimentary estimate for your floor refinishing project. We would love the opportunity to meet your furry friends.


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